Hesi, the name of a magic recipe for plants

At HESI Plantenvoeding, passion and professionalism are combined. Hesi, the name of a magic recipe for plants, has proved in a short period of time that it optimally satisfies the plants' as well as the plant lover's needs. In the meantime Hesi has grown into a blossoming international company and is still expanding. As from the start high quality has been the main characteristic of Hesi's fertilizer and supplements. Valuable additives such as amino acids, enzymes and plant sugar turn every product into a "source of health" for your plants. The Hesi fertilizers work interactively by e.g. correcting automatically the pH-value in the soil and setting it to a light basic value. By using complex bound materials (chelates) an optimal availability of all nutrients is guaranteed. In short: maximum results through simple use.

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