List of products by brand Gold Label

Welcome to Gold Label. We have been the market leaders in manufacturing substrates and nutrients in Holland for many years. We are a family run business dating back three generations.

Gold Label has a long history of innovation, product improvement and quality certification. Our professional substrates and nutrients are the result of both using the finest materials in the market and listening to the feedback from our customers. We will keep on innovating and developing our products as the market changes to ensure they meet expectations of our worldwide customer base.

Commercial growers worldwide recognize Gold Label as the premium quality substrate and nutrient manufacturer the world has to offer. We guarantee every bag of Gold Label substrate with each batch having been quality checked and sampled before sale.

Gold Label is all about quality. A bad substrate can cause a lot of damage. Our quality substrates are not only RHP certified, but we are the only peat substrate manufacturer whose peat substrates also have KIWA certification. Horticultural growers trust Gold Label Substrates and Nutrients. That’s why professionals prefer our substrates.