List of products by brand B.A.C

BAC has been working actively for years as a manufacturer of nutrition, stimulators, plant enhancers and substrates for organic and other cultivation.

In eleven years' time, we have acquired quite the name for ourselves within the wide range of market products. BAC is short for Biological Activated Cocktail and its focus lies on organic cultivation.

Initiator Frits is an agrarian chameleon; for years, he has acquired knowledge in the cultivation of roses and still uses his expertise as an agricultural and horticultural consultant in the Netherlands and abroad. He has acquired fame in India and South America for his extensive knowledge in the field of soil life and micro-organisms; an expertise that explains his preference for bio-cultivation.

Over the course of the years, we have developed multiple products. An important part of our products are intended for export. Our professionals specialize in the ins and outs of agriculture and horticulture, not graphic design. In the past years, we cared little for the boxes and bottles in which the products were packaged and in 2013, the packaging, labels and colours used felt slightly outdated. In order to sync our solid product quality with the look of the products, we decided to adjust the colours and design of the bottles, boxes and packaging in 2013.